Bangla Song Lyrics is an initiative by Channel Agami, an online based platform for the teenagers & youths which is running by also teenagers & youths. Bangla Song Lyrics is only for preserving and showing the lyrics for public interest.

Channel Agami has developed a special niche on the Internet where a diverse audience, teenagers students, – interested in understanding what they can be – come to read, look at photography, and interact. The main attractive thing is that Channel Agami has been set up by the teenagers and here in Channel Agami children speak for themselves.

Setting up four year ago, we have grown from a few selected interviews and photos to an established, recognized publication of hundreds of web pages with many columnists, writers and editors contributing from around Dhaka and other parts of the country. And we have arranged some social events also like Iftar Party for the Street Children at Emanuel’s Dhanmondi, Cloth Distributing among the Shwapnapuri school for the street children at Mohammadpur. Channel Agami has been Media Partner of almost all of the events for students and children along with famous institutes like DRMC, VNS, Ideal School & College, Dhaka College’s educational events.

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